Welcome to Ilala Municipal Council

Welcome to Ilala municipal website, here you will be able to find all information about Ilala, Information such as Project development plans and its implementation that are carried out each year. All the developments plans are results and efforts of Councillor, Staffs, Community and other Stakeholders through the adaptation of participatory planning methodologies and existence of strong community collaboration, which together brings the good impact to Ilala residents.

 There are many unique features that can be found in Ilala, the history and being the original capital of this country and the major commercial city of Tanzania. The Municipal has many features that may be of interest to historians, tourists and together with investors.

 These range from man-made features like buildings and other infrastructures to natural sites some of which are Dar es salaam harbour,  State House, Askari Monument, Clock Tower, Uhuru Torch, Republic Fountain, Karimjee Hall, Mwalimu Nyerere House, Museum, Nyumba ya Sanaa, Railway Station since 1800's and Zingiziwa Zoo

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